A Purpose-Driven Subscription with a Faith-Based Mission

We belong to a global community, but most of the time barely register the daily hardships faced in other parts of the world.  Join our mission anchored in faith and hope, and make a difference with a monthly commitment that empowers others.

Meet the Founder, Angie Hartel

Angie Hartel, owner and founder of Anchored Purpose Box

I, Angie, believe through entrepreneurship lives can be changed and the hope of Christ can be proclaimed. It’s why Anchored Purpose Box was started.

I like to use the term “social good” in reference to Anchored Purpose Box because everything we do is an effort to leave a positive impact not just on a person, but on societies as well. 

When I traveled to Haiti I saw firsthand how those in underdeveloped countries live. That was the “unfortunate opportunity,” to use Daniel Epstein’s term, I knew God was calling me to impact. 


It is my purpose-driven mission to raise funds for vulnerable communities and underdeveloped countries worldwide, while also raising awareness of their plight.

This is the social good we are trying to achieve in our world.

With every box subscription, you empower makers in the developing world to generate sustainable income for themselves and their families to help alleviate global poverty, one person at a time.

It’s exciting to know that together, with every box you purchase, we are making that a reality.

Founder of Anchored Purpose Box