A Purpose-Driven Subscription with a Faith-Based Mission

We belong to a global community, but most of the time barely register the daily hardships faced in other parts of the world.  Join our mission anchored in faith and hope, and make a difference with a monthly commitment that empowers others.

Meet the Captain, Angie Hartel

Angie Hartel, owner and founder of Anchored Purpose Box

As a dedicated wife to her high school sweetheart – a 4th generation cattle rancher – and mom to 5 kids in western North Dakota, Angie Hartel has always been purpose-driven.

She believes in leading by example, which is why the whole family is on board with making charitable work part of their daily lives . They’re regularly involved in helping with their church, and working with groups like Feed My Starving Children, Compassion International, and other nonprofits.

But for her there was always a sense of wanting to do more to reach out and reduce suffering in underdeveloped countries.

To truly make a difference…