What is social good anyway?

What is social good anyway?

In the nonprofit world, there are many words thrown around to “define” what box an organization fits into.

We believe through entrepreneurship lives can be changed and the hope of Christ can be proclaimed. It’s why we started Anchored Purpose Box. 

Social Good and Anchored Purpose Box 

When we speak of Anchored Purpose Box we like to use the term “social good” because everything we do is an effort to leave a positive impact not just on a person, but on societies as well. 

In his video, Daniel Epstein speaks to the power of how entrepreneurship can leave a lasting impact on societies.

TEDxBOULDER - Daniel Epstein - Developing Entrepreneurship

When Angie, the founder of Anchored Purpose Box, traveled to Haiti she saw first hand how those in underdeveloped countries live. This was her unfortunate opportunity she knew God was calling her to impact.

Angie has made it her purpose-driven mission to raise funds for vulnerable communities and underdeveloped countries the world over, while also raising awareness of their plight.

And this is the social good we are trying to achieve in our world. 

With every box subscription you empower global artisans to generate sustainable income for themselves and their families, creating a healthier and happier society.

Social Good and You

At this point you might be thinking, “Ok, that’s great. We know and love that Anchored Purpose Box focuses on social good. But what does it mean for me?”

What we need to understand is that social good isn’t just about creating an impact on “less privileged, third world countries.” Social good is about impacting all people everywhere, those across the world and those across your street.

Throughout your day you will be flooded with opportunities to make social good decisions. Some big (How am I voting in this local election?), others small (Can I volunteer at my local soup kitchen once a month?). (Can I make a meal for my neighbor?).

You are surrounded by “unfortunate opportunities.” These are areas of your life that are not as God intended them and yet pose an incredible chance for God’s grace and mercy to shine through.

Look at the homeless ministries in your town. The adoption and foster care programs your church supports.

Oftentimes the social good conversation leans toward the big problems in our world - fresh water, education, environment, healthcare, etc.

It focuses on our race as a whole. Marcus Aurelius said, “What injures the hive, injures the bee,” and much of social good focuses on “the hive.”

What if we began to reframe social good toward Christ’s example of “Love your neighbor as yourself”? We can begin to see how the good things we do for our neighbors are also good for us.

Whether those neighbors are across the street, or in fact across the world.

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