New rhythms in new seasons

New rhythms in new seasons

The beginning of the school year is always an interesting time. We are going from one version of craziness to a new version. 

Summer is filled with sleeping in, trips, and for some of you the constant question of, “How am I going to entertain my kids today and keep them from fighting?!”

With fall comes the obvious change of “forced” rhythms, cooler weather and shorter days bring a change in outdoor activity. Whether you have kids in school or not, you feel the change as those around you return to in-school patterns.

And with the seasons changing comes a naturally good time to reflect on the rhythms we have chosen for ourselves. 

We’d like to encourage you to take this new season of life and find incorporate a new rhythm of impact into your life. You can find ways to do this both by yourself or with friends and family.

Here are just a few ideas to develop a rhythm with an impact. 

Plant or tend to a community garden

Gardening is a fun activity for families as they are able to spend time outside together and create a visual change in the community. Or it could be a way for you to get outside by yourself and turn your mind off from the stress around you.

Perhaps in the fall you plan some vegetables to be shared with your neighbors. When spring comes you can plant a beautiful flower garden to beautify your community. 

And the best part is it gives you an opportunity to connect with your neighbors as you share in what grows. 

Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or clothing closet

You’ve heard this opportunity a thousand times, I’m sure, but that doesn’t make it any less of a great option. 

Whether it’s a one-time thing on a Saturday morning, or a consistent activity you do with your family, this is a great way to put the needs of your community directly in front of you. 

As you take advantage of this opportunity, also be sure to spend time speaking with those you are serving. We know some of them will have stories of God’s faithfulness that will remind you of how good our God is, even in what appears to be rough circumstances. 

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Who doesn’t love spending time with puppies and kittens? While not all the animals at shelters are babies, there is a lot of research that shows spending time with animals lowers stress and improves your mood. 

If you or your child is the one that always wants to stop at the pet store to see the animals, why not spend that time at a shelter caring for animals who have been mistreated?

This is obviously just a small list of the ways you can have an impact in your community. 

None of these stand out? 

Take a moment to download one of these great options to help you find service opportunities that align with your personality. 

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