Ideas for Sustainable Easter Gifts

Ideas for Sustainable Easter Gifts

If you’re on the hunt for unique, sustainable Easter gifts this year, you’ve got a lot of options. Easter is a time to celebrate the renewed life we have in Jesus, and what better way to do that than to support our brothers and sisters around the world?

Besides choosing sustainable Easter gifts, it’s also a great idea to choose gifts that reflect the message of the resurrection and the beauty of spring so that those gifts will be a lasting reminder of new life. 

Not quite sure where to start looking? No problem! Here are some ideas to get you started selecting Easter gifts for the whole family. 

Clothing & Accessories

A key part of sustainable living is finding pieces that can be used again and again. And what’s the number one thing that we all use very, very regularly? The things we wear! We’ve gathered several sustainable Easter gifts that your loved ones can wear or carry with them on a regular basis. 


For a simple statement, a T-shirt proclaiming our calling to follow Christ’s example can be a great way to go. This one from Beyond Uganda declares, “If you gave your life to love them so will I.” Proceeds provide food and soap for people in Uganda. 

Alternatively, give the perfect finishing touch to a colorful outfit with a scarf or kimono. The Shibori Long Scarf and the Lucia Sari Kimono, both from Matr Boomie, are handmade in India and purchased through fair trade from female artisans. 

You might also opt for a delicate floral accent with this Aiyana Barrette Trio or Aiyana Ponytail Tie (also from Matr Boomie). They’re both handcrafted using natural mother of pearl shell by Indian artisans.


For other simple but impactful accessories, give your loved ones handmade jewelry like these:

  • This Jubilee Bracelet from 2nd Story Goods is named after a Haitian neighborhood that inspired the company’s founders to begin making handcrafts out of recycled materials. 
  • These Butterfly Earrings from Papillon Marketplace are made from recycled steel drums and ceramic beads.
  • This Parkarana Cross Necklace from SERRV International stands out for its simplicity and was handmade by artisans in India. 
  • This Roots of Faith Jewelry Set from Holy Land Gifts will give your loved one a customizable set of jewelry with symbols that represent our faith’s roots in the Holy Land.

Of course, this is only a handful of jewelry ideas. There are myriad producers for impactful, meaningful jewelry, but we’ve found that those we’ve listed above have a history of providing meaningful support to the communities in which they’re involved — which makes the jewelry that they produce that much more special.

Bags & Pouches

If you’re looking for Easter gifts that will help your loved ones carry their personal items, a handmade bag or pouch is a great option. When sourced from the right producers, these bags and pouches can also act as constant reminders to think of those who are less fortunate. 

These handmade options from Beyond Uganda support the artisans and their families:

Or, for something a little smaller, try this this Kutch Zipper Pouch from World Finds. It’s hand stitched by artisans in India and features beautiful floral embroidery. 

Consumable Goods

If your loved ones are trying to reduce the number of “things” they own, they may appreciate receiving consumable goods that won’t accumulate and become clutter. 

Pamper a special woman in your life with a gift basket from Project Lydia. Each set includes organic shea butter, lip balm, and soap, as well as a beaded bracelet made of recycled paper.

For coffee lovers, gift a delicious Shiloh Roast Blend from Hope Coffee. The blend is named for a biblical place of peace and features direct trade beans from three countries. Or, for chocolate lovers, try the fair trade Milk Chocolate Eggs from SERVV International. They’re sourced from farmers in Ghana, and proceeds help support the farmers’ communities. 

Whether your loved ones live near or far, greeting cards are another great way to send your love and celebrate the season — and they can be easily recycled later. The greeting card set from Rosie’s Boutique is embroidered by Haitian mothers and features a colorful butterfly with the reminder that “He makes all things new!” 

Alternatively, Beyond Uganda makes a beautiful set of Easter cards that is specific to the Easter season. Each card depicts a key scene from the story of Christ’s death and resurrection. 

Home Goods

You can also choose Easter gifts that will brighten up your loved ones’ home or office spaces with the promise of new life.

Give your special loved ones their new favorite mugs and a reminder of the hope of Easter with the Hope Word Mug from Rosie’s Boutique. Handcrafted in Haiti, it’s a unique symbol of redemption and — of course — of hope. 

For the creatively inclined, the Cactus Mosaic Art Set from Grain of Rice Project provides endless possibilities for your loved ones to express the idea of new beginnings in their own unique ways. The kit includes Ugandan paper beads, a cute drawstring bag, and a cactus design on textured paper.

Finally, Easter makes many of us think of an abundance of plants and flowers — so why not give your loved ones a way to enjoy those flowers a little longer? These beautiful beaded Lily Garden Stakes from Khutsala Artisans are handmade in Eswatini and add fresh color to your home or garden all year long. 

Easter Decor

For a beautiful reminder of Christ’s sacrifice, consider this framed parchment wall art from Holy Land Gifts. This piece displays the text of Isaiah 53:5 in both Hebrew and English on authentic parchment.

And of course, what list of Easter gifts would be complete without eggs? SERVV International carries a variety of Easter eggs, such as these Kashmiri Nesting Eggs and these Pastel Quilled Eggs. They’re great for filling up Easter baskets or adding pops of color to your space, and handmade in Kashmir and Vietnam, respectively. 

Anchored Purpose Box Subscription

Easter gifts don’t have to be a one-time deal. Consider giving your loved ones a gift that keeps on giving, month after month, as a reminder of the month-after-month gift that Christ gives to us. 

Each monthly Anchored Purpose Box contains a few ethically-sourced gift items (just like the ones mentioned above) along with information about that month’s theme country and nonprofit initiatives working to make a difference there. In a world that’s full of distractions, these boxes strike the perfect balance between indulgence, charity, and service.  

Furthermore, each box helps support microfinance, hunger, and clean water initiatives around the world. One purchase makes a huge difference, both now and in the future!

Spread Hope With Your Easter Gifts This Year

Choosing Easter gifts that are sustainable, fair trade, and inspired by a message of hope is a rewarding way to reach out to people both near and abroad with the love of Jesus Christ. Not only will you share hope, but you’ll also help empower people in need to support themselves and their families. 

Buying sustainable Easter gifts is only one way to make a difference in the world through your purchasing decisions — visit Anchored Purpose Box to learn more and get involved.

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