Collaborating > Competing

Collaborating > Competing

Business, and many other parts of life, is often looked at as a zero-sum game. In order for one person to “win” then someone else must also “lose.”

But what if we are meant for something more? 

What if by working together we can create not just a win for you and your collaborating partner, but an even bigger win for those you are seeking to impact? 

How collaboration benefits you

Real talk: You aren’t great at everything. You probably already know this, which is why you have put people around you and in your business who can support what you are trying to achieve. 

This is where other business owners come into play. If they have more experience than you they can share their wealth of knowledge so you can speed up your learning. If they have less experience they can bring fresh eyes and new ideas to the table. 

No matter their experience level, working with others can bring a different perspective to how you generally operate, which could help your company have an even greater impact. 

How collaboration benefits them

In much the same way as what they can bring to your table, you can take to theirs. Your life experiences and business experience are unique to you. While others have been in similar situations, none have been exactly like yours. 

Bring those experiences to the forefront to benefit others. 

You can also bring a new social network, which can help other business owners. Perhaps you have connections to a ministry or organization, or know of a tax consultant who has been fantastic to work with! By opening up your network to other business owners, you can help their business grow.

How collaboration benefits others

Really, it’s simple math. 1+1 = ∞

If a customer makes a purchase from my business, I donate a portion to makers and organizations around the world. Perhaps you do the same. 

If we are constantly vying for and competing for the same customers our impact will forever be limited. But, if we work together, encouraging and pushing one another to have an even greater impact, then the change we can see in the world will be unlimited. 

Unlimited. Without limits. Ending global poverty. Ending sex trafficking. Ending hunger. When we work together there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

For a real-life example of collaborating to achieve something greater, listen to the Business with Purpose podcast with Jessica Honegger and Liz Bohannon. It’s the story of how much impact two fashion companies can have when they decide to work together instead of against one another.
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