A Purpose-Driven Subscription with a Faith-Based Mission

We belong to a global community, but most of the time barely register the daily hardships faced in other parts of the world.  Join our mission anchored in faith and hope, and make a difference with a monthly commitment that empowers others.

Meet the Captain,
Angie Hartel

As a dedicated wife to her high school sweetheart – a 4th generation cattle rancher – and mom to 5 kids in western North Dakota, Angie Hartel has always been purpose-driven.

She believes in leading by example, which is why the whole family is on board with making charitable work part of their daily lives . They’re regularly involved in helping with their church, and working with groups like Feed My Starving Children, Compassion International, and other nonprofits.

But for her there was always a sense of wanting to do more to reach out and reduce suffering in underdeveloped countries.

To truly make a difference…

Anchored Purpose Box is a monthly subscription box supporting underdeveloped countries
Anchored Purpose Box is a monthly subscription that connects you with nonprofit works and handcrafted goods supporting underdeveloped countries.
“The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

– Frederick Buechner

Anchored Purpose Box is a monthly subscription box supporting underdeveloped countries

How Anchored Purpose Began

It was a church mission trip to Haiti in 2016, and the profoundly saddening experience of seeing crib after crib of malnourished babies in a Port-au-Prince hospital, that proved to be a revelation.

Angie’s initial shock and anger that deprivation like this could exist right on the doorstep of the United States gave way to an understanding of a larger problem:

Most people in America just aren’t aware that starvation in underdeveloped countries is still an ongoing problem today – and that they can do something!

She made it her purpose-driven mission to raise funds for vulnerable communities and underdeveloped countries the world over, while also raising awareness of their plight.

With a love of learning about different cultures and inspired by Hebrews 6:19, she created Anchored Purpose Box as a way to empower people to do more for underdeveloped countries from anywhere in the world.

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”

Hebrews 6:19


Generate A Sustainable Income For Artisans

Experience the joy of handcrafted items created by global artisans, and stimulate their local economies by increasing demand for their goods.

Make a Difference

Empower Global Artisans In a Dignified Manner

A different developing country is featured each month.  Helping you make a global difference from wherever you are. With regular income, global artisans can support their families. This can mean being able to send their kids to school, putting food on the table, and ultimately breaking the cycle of generational poverty for these precious families.

Lasting Change

Lasting Change

You are creating lasting change by empowering generations of people to improve their lives and those of their children and grandchildren. 

Making a difference with every box

With every Anchored Purpose Box you receive…

hope international logo


goes to Hope International to support microfinance

feed my starving children logo


goes to Feed My Starving Children

charity water


goes to charity:water

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Join the Anchored Purpose Community

If you’re ready to embark on a faith-based mission to make a difference, join our Anchored Purpose Crew. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about the work we’re doing to help end suffering and bring joy the world over.