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We belong to a global community, but most of the time barely register the daily hardships faced in other parts of the world.

 Join our mission anchored in faith and hope, and make a difference with a monthly commitment that empowers others.

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  • Generate A Sustainable Income For Artisans

    Experience the joy of handcrafted items created by global artisans, and stimulate their local economies by increasing demand for their goods.

  • Empower Global Artisans In a Dignified Manner

    A different developing country is featured each month.Helping you make a global difference from wherever you are.With regular income, global artisans can support their families.This can mean being able to send their kids to school, putting food on the table, and ultimately breaking the cycle of generational poverty for these precious families.

  • Create Lasting Change

    You can create lasting change by empowering fair trade artisans in vulnerable areas to improve their lives and those of their children and grandchildren.

Like you, we understand how it feels to want to share your blessings, but not know where to start.

That’s why we curate items ethically from social good and faith based vendors and donate $5 for each box sold.

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What’s Inside

Prepare to set sail! Each of our monthly subscription boxes is themed to represent a country in need.

You’ll receive:

• 1 decorative handcrafted item

• 1 handmade wearable item

• 1 handmade consumable item

• [Premium Box!] A book detailing nonprofit work, initiatives, and lives in the local area for that month’s theme country

All handmade items are ethically-sourced social goods and go to supporting the local population.

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How It Works

Step 1: Choose your subscription.

Step 2: Enjoy a unique assortment of social good gift items like those featured here that make a difference and give back each month.

Step 3: Feel good about sharing your blessings with others.

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  • "We love working with subscription boxes because they place bulk orders that provide artisan jobs."

    A Vendor

  • "Each box is so unique and has a card that shares who you're supporting that month. I look forward to receiving this box each month."


  • "Anchored Purpose Box is a heart-pull purchase that feels like a present and is thoughtfully curated."

    Julie Ball of “Sparkle, Hustle, Grow”

Anchored Purpose Box is a social good subscription box of missional products empowering fair trade makers in the developing world to sustainably provide for themselves in a dignified way.

With every box, $5 goes to help vulnerable populations worldwide.

$3 to Hope International | $1 to Feed My Starving Children | $1 to charity: water